Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Antisocial Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are great to keep in touch, a wonderful piece of communication device for the man on the move. But like any modern technology it has its downfall.

The mobile phone is antisocial!

Consider this story:

Tom, Dick, Harry, James are friends. James takes all of them for dinner one fine evening. The gathering of friends, the idea is to spent some good time chatting with each other.

They ordered the food and just when everything seemed to go fine the mobile phones start ringing!

First it was Tom, he started talking..then it was Dick and Harry. Within five minutes all three of them are enagaged into their own conversations, in their respective cellphones.

James was just like a dumb spectator! Until he too decided to take his mobile phone to forward some nice SMS jokes to some of his other firends. Everyone just went talking/messaging on their cellphones on and on...the food came and went....they are still busy with their phones...and finally its time to leave...they wave goodbye to each other and leave (mobile phones still in their other hand!)

Whats the moral of the story? Mobile phones should be banned at social gatherings! be it with family or friends.

While you could argue that the mobile phones play a huge role in bringing the network of people together, unless their usage is limited they simply do the opposite.

When a group of people gather to spend some time with each other, they need to do just that - discuss, talk to each other, share thoughts - don't let technology barge in and take away the 'social' aspect of gatherings.